NIM Things is now on

I want to thank the visitors to our  lill yellow Caymanian home store and our island for them looking us up on WordPress once they returned home and sending us a message. That has reminded me that we have a wordpress account that needs to be updated with the things happening with our store. 

Therefore I am excited to state, with a little reserve due it’s another internet site (those who know me know that I have many) but this one that comes highly recommended, so we have opened a store account with Etsy. Granted we only have one item on there for now, but that’s going to change when school lets out for Easter and I have a bit of time on my hands.  

Each handmade item will have a description about the process or/and the materials used. Usually something if not all of the materials will be found in the Cayman Islands and the product is made by the people living here. 

So please click on the link below to take a quick glimpse of our online store. 

Click here to visit NIM Things store on Etsy


Thatch Plaiting TONIGHT at Heritage House 7pm

Event: The Art of Thatch Plaiting sponsored by NIM Things
Date: 8 August 2013
Location: Cayman Brac Heritage House
Instructors: Starrie and Simone Scott
Cost: $5
Description: Every second and last Thursday of the month come out to learn a very Caymanian tradition thatch plaiting and enjoy a short lecture about the past industries of the Silver Thatch in the Cayman Islands. Whatever you make, you get to keep it. Be it a fish, a turtle or more traditional style items like a notch plaiting bookmarker, a broom, a hat or ground basket depending on the amount of sessions you can attend.