Hurricane Paloma and getting ready to re-open!

It’s been almost a year to date that Hurricane Paloma hit our small island and we are just now getting ready to re-open NIM Things. My grandmother was the first to move in and when she moved out then my parents and my great uncle moved in. Finally about two months ago my great uncle moved out of my gallery back to his fixed home and about two weeks later my parents was able to return to their fixed home.  Since then we have been working on getting my father Tenson’s work shed built back, which just finished day before yesterday. Still to be done is getting all his equipment up and running. He painted out my gallery for me and I’ve been able to fix that up.Simone's card



  1. Julie Leonard · November 30, 2009

    We will be on the Brac December 28. Will your place be open for business by then?

    • simone74 · November 30, 2009

      Yes! NIM Things will re-open this Saturday 5th December!

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