NIM Things Opened in 1987 ops make that 1986

  • While clearing up for our re-opening party in 2009 we found documentation for our first opening and it stated it was in 1986 (not 87 as this article had stated) that NIM Things first opened its door.
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    1. -hh · April 22, 2008

      Hi Simone!

      My, what a good looking young couple your parents were back then 🙂

      Glad to see another small part of the history of the Brac brought forth. I’m going to have to take new (better) photos of the 1937 “Serrenna Key” images on our next visit (Sept 08). The current version is on my website link.

      Margaret & Hugh from NJ

    2. simone74 · June 23, 2008

      Hi Margaret and Hugh
      Yep that was sure ‘back in the day’. =-)

      Be sure to check out ‘Tenten’ wordpress

      Mostly about his win back in 2006 of the McCoy Prize and then his one man show in 2007 but as you know it will soon be all about ‘fishing’. =-))

      Have not started adding info to my mom’s wordpress as yet but hers will be about her cook book she is making.

      God bless.

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